Couch to 5K

thanks are a legend! 5K!

thanks to "Ace of Spades" as the last track on my 30 minute running playlist, I pushed through the slog and gave it my best during that song in the last 2 minutes, I nailed 5k in 31.5 minutes! It was my first run after graduation where my previous best had been 4.58 in the half hour. I am so happy with myself, especially as I nearly chickened out of my scheduled run today because I felt too tired after cooking lunch for 10 and had been on my feet since 8 this morning..!

So glad I pushed my sorry backside out as I feel wonderful now ;-)

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Nice choice of music ! :-)

Well done !


God bless Lemmy. Ace of Spades is the first one on my playlist!


Brilliant - well done!


31.5 brilliant :)


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