Couch to 5K

Wind, rain and hills

Like everyone else I woke up this morning to the most amazing storm. It was so windy I thought my conservatory was going to blow away! There was no way I could run this morning so postponed it. I went climbing this afternoon but couldnt put it off any longer so came home and got changed.

Now the problem with living at the top of a hill in the Welsh Valleys is that everywhere is hilly. I have been doing my running on cycle tracks which are almost flat but I have to drive there. With the rain hammering down I didnt want to run and then get back in the car and make that all wet. There was only one thing for it, I needed to run from home and face the hills. I chose the flattest route I could but it was still very up and down. Today with Wk7 R1 so I was nervous of my second 25min run as many people find this hard normally.

I set off slower than normal and ran the whole time, up and down. On my Nike + stats you can see the uphill bits as they are slower, but I also managed my fastest mile to date (downhill!) I think I may do the hills again, its got to make my fitter I am sure.

Dont be aftraid of them, run slow and enjoy - I did despite the wind and the rain. Best of all I loved the long bath when I got back!

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Well done you...lucky for me today was a rest day!

Keep going...nearly at graduation! :)


I used to avoid any kind of slope - up or down - when I started running. Now I really like them and as you progress you might find the same. They are a kind of enforced interval training - you work hard with your heart rate rising as you go up, then take it easy down the other side. It's really rewarding and I think a brilliant way of gaining fitness but perhaps only when you're ready.

Mind you, Welsh hills there's maybe more of a challenge there compared to the home counties!


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