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Nervous for todays run

Well, I've had a bit of a rough week.

I did run 1 week 2 of my own 5k maintenance programme on Friday morning, but from Wednesday evening had a bad head ache, then Thursday morning work up with vertigo that lasted all day. Friday felt okish, just tired so did my little 20min run and went off to work. Saturday I was off work, went out on a 5k walk mid-day, but had to drag myself home I was feeling exhausted. I made some home made tomato soup for lunch hoping it would boost my energy, but fell asleep on the sofa for 2 hours while the other half was screaming at the football on the tv.

Today I am just feeling drained still, had a subway for lunch so hoping it gives me some energy for my run after work.

The good news is, with the new insoles I have been wearing my ankle has been behaving itself. It is just annoying that my body isn't playing along otherwise! I am on different medication to the last time I was regulary running 3 times a week, so I will bear that in mind and hope my run this evening goes well :)

Week 2:

Run 2. Intervals - 5 mins warm up, 30 secs hard & 90 secs easy x 5, 5 mins cool down

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Hi didn'trunthat,

It sounds like a virus or something. I'm glad the ankle has been behaving. Do you have to do tonight as intervals? Maybe you could just do it as a straight 5k easy run. Don't put too much pressure on yourself if you are not quite "right".



I was thinking I might just change the intervals to easy and easier :)

I'm not training for anything in particular so don't feel under massive pressure to get up speed or build up distance, I just want to get back to the routine of getting out there three times a week!

I decided to tidy a store room when work while doing my weekly stock count which gave me a bit of boost energy wise, hopefully a run will do the same...


I'm on week 3 post graduation and have also started working on some intervals have had a busy week though and along with feeling slightly "off" had not run since Wed so really felt I had to get out today or for the first time since starting the programme I wouldn't have run 3 times in a week.

I woke up this morning not feeling like running at all which is really unusal as I'm usually raring to go. Decided to do just 30 mins although I've been adding on to my longer runs each week and should be at 40 mins now. I really wish I hadn't gone though- first 10 mins was miserable but I'm used to that and waited for the rythmm to kick in and take over. Except it didn't and by 15 mins had to admit I was really struggling so decided to be kind to myself and turned round and walked back home. That's never happened to me before and I felt sheepish as other runners ran past me. Walking home in the rain wasn't nearly as enjoyable as running home in the rain either!

BUT- I have learned now that I can judge what is normal run misery that will pass if I keep going and today definitely wasn't that. (Ive snoozed on the couch all pm) I've also learned to listen better to my body - I really didn't want to go today so perhaps it was telling me something. First time I've ever failed to do what I intended when I set out but hopefully tomorrow is another day.

If you do feel drained before you even go- and you've done a day's work!- is it worth being kind to yourself and not taking the risk of having a bad run which will make you feel worse?

Hope we both have our energy back by tomorrow!


Tomorrow is another day! Once I have something set in my mind though it's hard to be persuaded otherwise...probably to my detriment!

I went out for the run and just took it easy, looking at my plan the 'hard' sections only added up for two minutes total so I decided to go for it if I was feeling up to it and I was.

Now that I'm home and I've had my dinner I'm glad I did it, I think I would feel more miserable if I didn't rather than just feeling tired!

Distance wise I think I covered just over 3k and added on an extra 2mins to get me through the park I run through.


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