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Disaster strikes

Oh no, what am I to do?! Tomorrow should be week 4 run 3 and I was feeling quite confident, but I think my left knee may be saying otherwise. After my Friday run all was well, I had tired knees but no problem, yesterday felt like I'd twisted my my knee but hadn't and today it's quite painful and a little swollen, not much swollen but the pain is strange, when still, its fine, when climbing stairs it most certainly is not fine! I think today has knee rest and antiinflammatories in store and maybe tomorrows run should be postponed :(. I'm a bit gutted as this will out my timing out but we'll see how I go on :(

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I have had problems with my knee, so last week instead of running on the Tuesday I skipped that one and ran on my usual Thursday so has 2 days extra rest. Certainly didn't run any worse than before so extra couple of days could only have helped. In the evenings I was putting an ice pack on it when I could and this definately helped. I also kept stretching my knee, eg bending knee and pulling foot back to my bottom, hence stretching thigh and knee muscles, ligaments etc. I'm not saying the problem has definitely gone but ran 28 mins today and no sign yet. As soon as I do feel something I will put ice pack on it. Good luck with it.

You don't mention your shoes, have you had a gait analysis done. I went to sports link an independent shop ner me and for £67 I am really pleased with what shoes I was sold. Listen to your head when buying, I went to Go Outdoors thinking I would get a bargain, I have big feet and started the conversation with, do you sell a ladies size 9, and when the response from the sales guy was no but we have 8's and there's not much difference!!!!!! I made a hasty retreat. For the record I was sold a pair of size 10 ladies and they are great.


I'm not a doctor and don't know what's wrong with your knee but i know you musn't run if it's painful. A few days off to recover is fine and it's not too hard to get back on your feet. I was ill for a week and missed week 4 but once I was better I managed to get back into it. If it's still hard once you've recovered go back a run. Hope your knee gets better.


I had a similar thing happen, woke up on Saturday with a painful knee, hadn't twisted it or even done anything overly strenuous but there it was:( I took a big pink pill (!) and rested it for a day and it was fine today, ran 5 k in the wind and it was fine so hopefully yours will be too :)


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