Couch to 5K

Week 6 Run 1 - had to stop the run

For the first time on C25K, I had to abandon my run this morning. I was on Week 6 Run 1 but 5 minutes into running I got an excruciating headache – something that has never happened before. It was such a sharp pain I thought it best not to press on and walked the remainder of the route I would have followed and it cleared. Perhaps I was dehydrated, but I will try this run again in the next day or so.

Up to now I’ve made steady progress – I couldn’t believe I ran for 20 minutes non-stop in Week 5 Run 3 and I’ve not suffered any injuries. Before trying C25K I had never been able to run, mainly because I had no guidance and didn’t know what I was doing, so quickly gave up. I’m in my mid-50s and, like many others on C25K now feel I’m on the verge of becoming a real runner.

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It's so frustrating to be stopped in your tracks, especially when you are loving it and just want to get cracking! It was the sensible thing to do though, good luck next time :)


good luck for next time. I'm repeating W6 at the moment (just wasn't confident I could go on to W7) - somehow it's more difficult 2nd time round - psychological I guess.


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