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Sorry, but wk 9 run 3 has been cancelled .... For the moment!

Now you know I've ventured out in pouring rain, and enjoyed my runs. So I was quite prepared this morning to head out again in the rain.

However! I draw a line at running in pouring rain and gail force winds coming straight off the North Sea! I'm not THAT mad!!

So, I'm sat in my caravan, infront of the gas fire (switched on full blast), in my pjs, towelling dressing ground and some big legwarmers reading yesterday's Sun, enjoying Sunday morning tv.

I'm a bit gutted about the weather, but I'm not exaggerating about the wind - it is literally rocking the caravan its so strong!!

I will get the run done! I'm hoping it will ease later this afternoon. Tomorrow should ebe better and a bit drier, so fingers crossed, I'll be able to get out at some point this weekend.

IKll keep you posted xx

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I run in the rain too but looking outside I don't blame you!


it's not very nice out there where I am either, wind is coming from the north sea direction on east coast, but I'm further inland and gosh it's like needles!

If it's rocking the caravan you have every right to stay put :)


The weather forecast looks much better for tomorrow :)


Just imagine the time you could do 5Km if you could have that gale force wind behind :) Seriously don't blame you for not going out in the wind though, rain yes, but howling wind no. If the weather ever improves, good luck. :)


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