Couch to 5K

Depressed- cold delays graduation run :(

Just looking for a bit of advice. Have felt dreadful since last Saturday. Started with a sore throat and graduated to full on cough with added mucus (nice)! Not sleeping well as cough keeps me awake.

I have stopped running to give myself a chance to recover...but realized I was really missing it when I was jealous of a runner I saw on the way home from work!

When should I start running again?

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I would say listen to your body.....the general advice is 'anything above the neck, you can carry on running' but I presume your cough emanates from below the neck...... :-) But if you're feeling miserable I'd just rest anyway.

I had a nasty cough and chest infection about halfway through the programme and found I 'knew' when it was right to go back to running. And the good thing was that I hadn't lost any fitness at all and picked up more or less where I'd left off (in the middle of week 5, not a great place to stop!!). And that was after 4 weeks without running. So don't panic if you need some time to recover - give your bod what it needs. The jealousy is a very good sign and means you've no chance of slipping back into old non-running ways :-)


Thx Juicy, I will take your advice


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