Couch to 5K

wk 7 run 3

well i was supposed to do this run this morning but I ached in the bed and couldnt bear to get up.

Im doing my first 5k on the May bank holiday, am a bit nervous as i had hoped to be finished c25k before this but with sickness and playing other sports it has been delayed.

I live in the same town where the 5k will be on, should I go out tomorrow and try to complete this? Im usually getting 3.5kish done in the 25mins. I wont get a chance to do another run until Wednesday at least as I have training on Monday and have my badmintion final on the Tuesday. What do you think? I would just love to prove to myself that I could do it.

I found wk 7 run 1 ok i actually enjoyed it but with run 2 I felt tired and fed up on the threadmill. thinking back 7weeks ago i would have used the oh my asthma excuse, so im delighted to have come this far

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I'd just see how you feel tomorrow and make your decision accordingly.

I've read in a couple of magazines recently that it isn't necessary to train at the distance you plan to run in the event you're training for - ie you don't necessarily need to have run that distance beforehand. I suspect that sufficient rest is as important as training in the few days before your 5k.

I found week 7 quite tough at times and needed to take an extra days rest. It doesn't mean you're not ready for the next stage.

Good luck with your 5k, I'm sure you'll be fine :-)


Did you find it tough because you tried to up your pace? Week 7 repeats the same run three times that was completed in week 6.


I found week 7 tough too. Maybe it was getting over the W5R3 high and still being a bir far away from graduation. Anyway, week 8 was fine and i am looking forward to my final week. I plan to make running a permanent part of my lifestyle.


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