Couch to 5K

week 1 run 3

i did my third run today. it was much easier than the last two. not easy by any standards but much easier i think. it was raining ice cold rain at the time so i certainly wasn't overheating, ha. i did it on the complete flat again and i will continue to do this as long as i can manage it i think.

i am going to do the week 1 runs at least once more. i want to be comfortable doing this stage before i move onto the next one. part of me wants to improve as fast as possible but i know that i will discourage myself if i try to go too fast and find it too difficult to complete.

i didn't think this would be easier. i knew i could do it which was a big difference. the first time i didn't know if i could manage it. i did, but it was really difficult. the second time i wondered if the first time had been a fluke and i found it incredibly difficult. this time i knew i could do it, and still found it difficult, but got much further through it before the 90 seconds weren't enough to completely catch my breathe. so here's to run 4 in a couple of days :)

abz xx

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Well Done you! I have found (& I am still a newby as I am only just about to start week 4 tomorrow) that no 2 runs are the same, weather & time of day can alter how 'successful' I perceive my run. Develop at your own pace. You have completed 3 runs of week 1 that is a real achievement. Be proud! Good luck with run 4 & keep updating on your achievements x


thanks :) this time i kept finding myself wanting to run faster but i think if i had i would have struggled to finish. saying that, i was going faster than before i'm sure. and my hubby said i kept the same pace the whole time rather than slowly winding down :) so that can only be good news...


Well done!

I am also going to repeat W1R3 *at least* once more, as I need to feel more confident in my stamina before I start W2.

I found R3 more difficult to complete.

R1 & R2 had been a good 3 or 4 hours after a light meal and I completed them. This time (R3), I think I went running too soon after lunch and started to feel the effort much earlier in the runs.

I can only dream about going faster! I don't even think you could qualify my current pace as running... Shuffling is more accurate! :)


Well done you, glad that r3 went well for you! My w1r3 is due today but the weather is scaring me as I can't go until later tonight anyway....eeek! I might do an extra w1 run too depending how it goes, but who cares...even if we repeat w1 four times, the fact is we are out there making a positive change for our health! Yay us!! Good luck for your next run xxx


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