Couch to 5K

Im all muddled up! Doh!

On Tuesday hubby was working away so I had to fit my run in whilst my son was at Tai Kwon Do and my daughter was at Brownies, I had a 40 min window so I dropped them off raced to the gym headed to the treadmills but they were all full! Dam I thought so I jumped on a stepper whilst I waited. Getting more anxious as the time ticked on and I couldn't complete my run. I was watching the people on the treadmill praying that one would finish soon but nobody was showing signs of ending. To make matters worse there were two women walking slowly on the treadmill chatting away putting the world to right. with only 20 mins remaining someone finally got off and I jumped on, but as I knew I only had 25 mins before I had to collect my daughter I fastforwared all the walking bits and basically ran for 20 mins without stopping. I was really suprised with myself as I am only on W5, (its suprising what your body can do when it needs to) anyhow somewhere along the way I have now become muddled in my weeks and runs as I have just done the run for W6r2 which I don't think I should be doing till next week.

I am pleased with my efforts as I am really not a runner but there is obviously a runner in there somewhere trying to escape.


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like it, big well done forest.


Actually you are a runner, you just ran for 20 minutes......after god knows how long on the stepper ( I hate those damn things)! Go girlfriend, just do week 6, You've proved you can do it :)


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