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A much happier blog post

Well, after Thursday's run I was a little worried about this one! I went to the gym last night too and did the cross-trainer and walked on the treadmill on 12% incline so my legs were feeling decidedly achey when I woke up.

'Come on!' I said to myself, enough of this negativity! I looked in my wardrobe and found a new pair of what I thought were cropped leggings and decided that today would be the day for their first airing. Oops, when I put them on, being a little on the short side (to say the least) they weren't actually cropped! They came right down to my ankles. Oh well, it was cold outside, it didn't matter. They were extremely skin-tight though; I'm more used to loose pants but oh well!

I had put some good music on my mp3 player and was ready to go. My daughters were running with me today and I always feel better when they come. A little support goes a long way! They are 5ft 9 though, so one of their strides has them beating me from the start.

We set off. I set off much slower than I did on Thursday - big mistake to think I was ready to run faster. They went the long way around the duck pond and I took a short cut. After around 5 minutes, they both overtook me which was lovely as they shout words of encouragement to me.

As I was running, I thought 'I am actually enjoying this!'. My breathing was controlled, my legs didn't realy hurt and the music I was listening to was upbeat.

Anyway the end of the 25 minutes came and my girls were ahead of me. I still had some energy left (yes me, I had energy left!!) so I ran to them. I did 26 minutes and 8 seconds altogether and I honestly could have run further. I was so happy.

Sorry for waffling but for anyone who feels like giving up (like I did on Thursday) then please carry on. There will obviously be bad runs but there will be absolutely fantastic runs too.

Bring on w7r3!! Happy running everyone!

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Thank you so much for posting! I was really dreading today's run and just came back pumped. It wasn't my strongest run....but it was soooo much better than the last one! Finally - onto week 7


Well done! Isn't it great when you come back on a high? I actually did feel like a runner today :-)

Good luck with week 7, although I'm sure you won't need it.


yay well done to both of you x


Thank you :-)


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