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Has anyone noticed a decrease in appetite during the c25k?


...especially now I've settled into the longer runs, I find my stomach feels too "tight" to even feel hunger for hours after running. When I did eat a few hours after my last run, it was just picking at things and I felt full really quickly. Is this normal?

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I think it might be better to say it is not abnormal. Exercise often suppresses appetite temporarily. Depending on your body and metabolism, it might be suppressed enough that you don't really want to make up the calories later either. So it is important to ensure you are getting adequate nutrition at the right times.

If you are trying to lose weight anyways, make sure you are eating enough to keep you healthy. At LEAST 1200 cal/day, probably more with the running. If you are at a healthy weight, try to make sure you eat enough throughout the day to feed your body, even if you don't want a huge meal after running.

And regardless of your weight, try to get good fluids and some protein shortly after your run. If you aren't eating much, your body may get low blood-sugar, and turn to eating up your muscles to keep itself fed. You don't want this, even if you want to lose weight. To protect the muscle, give your body something else to feed on (a glass of milk, a banana with peanut butter, protein shake, small sandwich, etc).


I am like you don't feel like eating after a run, but I drink loads of water and tea afterwards and have a banana, even though I am not hungry.


I find that even if I start a run feeling quite hungry (I've learned never to go out till at least 4 hours after a meal) the running somehow suppresses the hunger. I find that all I want is loads of water and some chocolate milk when I get back - then I'm good for hours. Sadly the effect doesn't seem to be sustained on non-running days - although I do find I'm choosing what I eat more carefully as I'm now seeing food more as fuel. I'm thinking part of the answer may be to increase the number of days I run :-)


I actually left a square of chocolate uneaten yesterday - that's the first time that ever happened to me. I'm starting to think more about running and less about sugar which is pretty amazing as I normally think about sugar constantly. It would be such a relief not to comfort eat so much, but I really think I'm getting a tiny bit better.

Now I am onto longer runs rather than walking and running I am no longer cravign the sugar that I was. May be it physicological as I want to get fitter. I am just waiting for the weight to change!


thankyou for all your answers, it just shows how individual each and every one of us is. Alaiyo, thankyou for your suggestions, I have now incorporated a good size glass of ice cold semi skimmed milk into my post run routine (yum) ;-)


I think i fell into the trap mentioned above. I started c25k and slimming world at the same time. SW is very pro healthy and pro not starving yourself. You must eat... But, possibly for the first time in my life i had little to no appetite over the last couple of weeks (beginning week 7 day 1 tomorrow).

I found i just wasnt eating. I hadnt thought that maybe the lack of hunger was connected to the running. I know i certainly dont feel peckish following a run.

I am now going to force myself to have a mid day meal, even if not much. I now always have breakfast, but for example i finished my 25 minute run, but didnt eat anything following breakfast at 6:30am until about 8:00 when i had my main meal.

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