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Week 6 day 3

Oh my god, just finished the 25 minute run. I felt like ever ounce of energy had been sucked from my body.

From the first five minutes, running through my mind ' you can do this' 'you cant do this'.

To get me through the run i had to play mental tricks, like telling myself that i only have x amount of minutes to go. The biggest one was, 'this is the end of six weeks, you havent failed a single run yet, you are not going to fail this one'.

I ran the entire twenty five minutes at 7kmph, considering I weigh 274 pounds (almost thirty pounds less than when i started six weeks ago) and have never ran before, it didnt feel too bad.

What i did notice (this has been the case for the last few runs) is just how red faced i get towards the end and afterwards. My face is bright red, and dripping in perspiration.

I had to depart from the soothing voice of Laura though. The reason why is that i just couldnt cope with the terrible music. I needed something much more upbeat to keep my mind off the awful abuse i was giving my body.

I used this tracklist which got me through:

Whatever - Oasis (i really like this song, and it relaxes me)

Kids in America - Kim Wilde ( a good upbeat song that lets time just disappear as you listen to it)

Rock Star - Nickleback ( i found myself almost doing a little jig to this song, keeps my mind off the fifteen minutes left)

Justified & Ancient - KLF (an hilarious song with a beat that you cant help but want to move to)

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor (what can you say about this? If a Rocky soundtrack song cant make you break through the pain limit nothing can)

Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti ( another Rocky soundtrack song. I deliberately had this one near the end. You can almost feel you are running up the Philadelphia Art Museum steps with Balboa himself.)

Walk Like an Egyptian - the Bangles (just to get me over the last minute or so but also a great tune to cool down to while doing the five minute walk.

I did go through Lauras podcast when i got home, just to see if she had any interesting tips. By all accounts I am a runner now!! Woo!!!

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Well done! 7km/h is a very impressive pace.

Keep it up. You are a "proper runner" now :)


Way to go!

I'm just heading out for my Week 6 Run 2 and decided to pop on here for mitigation first. I never use the podcasts and instead use the Zen Labs app on my iPhone which is free and allows me to run my own play lust through it. A big plus for me as my biggest challenge is boredom otherwise.

Congrats on getting the dreaded Run 3 done and dusted!


Well done - I stuck with the pod casts through to the end, but although I miss laura now, I love having my own music!


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