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In the zone

I completed WK6R3 today and it was amazing. I was expecting it to be hard but love it. I know that the first 5 minutes are the toughest but after that I just got in the zone and one foot followed the other and off I went. Just before Laura said I had done half way I realised that for the first time since starting C25K I wasnt thinking about the running, but just doing it. I was in the running zone and loving it.

Long may this continue...

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Well done you ! Now you are a "proper runner" :)


I also just completed the 25 min of week 6 day 3, no zone for me though, i felt every single minute, not matter how i tried not to. But congrats. It does feel good to do it.

What is remarkable is that we can now do something that most adults cannot do, unless they also follow the programme.


Well done!


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