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Rain issues

1) Husband went for a 30 minute run in torrential rain yesterday and came back with bleeding nipples. Needless to say, he went on about it all evening and ended up with gauze taped to them! I would probably have had more sympathy if I hadn't breastfed both of our children, and if the baby hadn't just cut her first tooth! LOL! How can this be prevented though, as it did look painful. Vaseline before run?

2) My trainers let in a lot of water through the tops. If I run through a puddle, the amount of water that goes through to my socks is akin to me having been wearing sandals! I haven't run in the rain yet, but am hoping to go today, but am dreading running with sodden feet. The trainers are new - they just seem to have a design flaw! Would spraying with waterproof, or should I just be more careful which trainers I buy next time?

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Bleeding nipples hurt like a whatsit! Boy troubles :-D

I put a strip of micropore over mine. Cheap, easily available, very importantly easy to remove afterwards! I haven't suffered since. It is however not a great look when you take your shirt off XD


Cant help with the nipples, but all trainers are like that unfortinately. My theory though is if the water can get in it can also get out and after abit of running my feet are often sweaty so I think its just part of the course. :(


Ouch, re hubbys boobies, didnt realise it could happen after such a shortish run, seen plenty at mile 26 of London marathon (when spectating, I hasten to add!)

Re letting in water, I bought another pair of trainers for running in the woods,(with grippier soles - is there such a word as "grippier"?) and they let in even more water/mud than my "normal" trainers. I always wear "proper" running socks which are sort of two layers of very thin material which I believe help avoid rubbing? I havent actually had any problem running in wet socks/trainers so far - touches wood!


About the soggy shoes: I don't have a good solution to keep your tootsies dry, but wearing the right kind of socks is extra important when your feet might get wet. Double-layered socks (or even two pairs of regular socks) will allow one layer to stick to your shoe and the other layer to stick to your foot. This is good, because the two layers rub together between your sock layers, rather than against your foot. It really makes a difference preventing blisters. If your footwear gets wet, make extra certain to be wearing proper running socks.


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