Couch to 5K

Week 4 Run 2

Evening all - Completed W4R2 tonight and by golly it was hard as the wind was very gusty here in the wilds of Essex. Had a very busy working week so far and did 12 hours yesterday.

Normally look forward to running but wasnt today but dragged myself out and the familiar feelings were flooding back. A bit harder but my legs feel a little stronger each time i run and what a stress reliever it is!!!

Did a little bit extra running and covered 3k in 21 minutes so not too bad - Bring on the last run of W4 and really looking forward to W5

One final question - Am i a runner yet?

Regards in sport

Rocks xx

2 Replies

It's a great feeling when you've forced yourself to make the effort but then it all comes together and feels right. Good for you !

If you feel like a runner I reckon you probably are one. Laura will confirm this later on ;-)


Thanks for that - I feel more of a runner than i have ever been!!!!

What a great stress reliever it is!


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