Week 2 run 3 completed

Well I've just finished W2R3 and honestly it wasn't so great. I have been getting slightly faster with each run (according to Map My Run), but today I went slower than usual, my legs were still aching from W2R2 and to top it off my shins are starting to hurt slightly. I really hope I don't get shin splints, I've been so motivated to do well up until this point.

Anyway I now have a 2 day break until Sunday when I begin W3, so I will try to rest my legs and hope that W3R1 is more positive. I'm still determined to complete the program!

2 Replies

  • No need to rush. Your body's still getting used to running. Laura says it's distance not speed that's important, so don't worry about going slow, just build up stamina!

  • You're right, I'm too impatient really! I know it's important to build up slowly. I'm feeling more positive this evening and actually looking forward to my next run :)

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