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Week 6 run 2. Back on track

My first run this week was run 1 of week 6...... and it was tough. After run 3 of week 5 (20 mins running without walking) I expected w6 r1 (5mins running / 8 mins running / 5 mins running) to be a breeze. This was far from the case. My legs felt heavy but I stuck it out and completed it. I felt tired after the run. Probably my hardest run of the programme so far.

Yesterday was week 6 run 2 (10 mins running / 10 mins running) and I feared the worst. Before I started I was worried my legs wouldn't be up for it. Just as I left the front door I ran straight into a heavy shower. It would have been easy to turn round and go back home but I was already soaked through. The legs did feel a little stiff to begin with but after 2 or 3 minutes running they felt good. I finished the run and really enjoyed it. The fatigue experienced with the previous run was gone. Back on track!

Just had a look at my next run, it is a 25 min run with no walking. From now to the end of the c25k programme there are no runs with walking breaks! AHHH!

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Well done for keeping going! In the rain too! I think it's harder with the breaks but I think that's where you build your stamina. I bet you find it easier to run for twenty five minutes because you get into a stride, let us know how you get on.


I've found the same thing. The 20min run I found, dare I say it, easy! I ran through my 5 min cool down too and then did an extra 5 mins to cool down. I couldn't believe I ran 25mins and then thought week 6 & 7 was going to be easy. How wrong I was! Yesterday's Week 6 Run 1 was much harder than the 25 min run I did.

Moral of the story: I have good days and bad. I make the most of my good days and pace myself to allow me to get through the bad.


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