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Back to run tomorrow

I missed Tuesday run, partly due to work but also being really tired and not feeling too well. With the additional project stress for this week, I thought it better to make sure I had a chance to finish it rather than fail and get depressed.

Felt better today so went to the gym just to do something and it went well. A 15min on bike and then 20 min walk on treadmill.

This is the first lot of real excercise I have done for a long time and really overweight at the moment. I think it was just my body telling me to rest a little and not do too much.

Feel much better today and should get my Wk1 R3 done tomorrow :)

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Stress can really drain you. A lot of people find running regularly helps you feel less stressed, so hopefully in the long run it is helpful in that sense.

Good luck tomorrow :)


Well done on choosing a gym session rather than stayin on the couch, and good luck for run 3! I've just started out, I'm very overweight too and have w1r2 on the agenda tonight. We can do it :)


good luck with run 3 :)


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