could anything else of gone wrong!

Had a day of from work as had a family funeral to go to but i was determined i had an hours gap this morning so I had to do my run then. Dropped kids of at school had to have words with the teacher (that didnt go well) so not a good start. Got home thought if i dont do it now i wont get time, started the warm up on the treadmill((( eeeek i know should of gone outside but time wasnt on my side) then the phone goes ...oh no its the school , daughter was feeling poorly could i pick her up ... hum so had to arrange grandparents to pick up that one, back on to the run walked a little before getting into the run got just about half way through and the treadmill just stopped , hum music was still going felt like i'd just run out of road, but no the flippen electric had run out so i had to zoom outside sweat pouring of me to put the electric back on. Finally i got to the end . Always the same when you havnt got much time anything and everything goes wrong. On the good side I'm so glad i managed to fit the run in.

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  • Well done - not sure that I won't have abandoned the mission!

  • That is determination! I thought you were going to say when the electricity went out that you zoomed outside to run for the rest of the time, but glad you got everything running again :)

  • Sounds like you could call this your Apollo 13 day! Laura, we have a problem... Keep up the good work nonetheless.

  • Well at least you carried on, that would have put me right off, well done, that's dedication :)

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