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Started Week 3 and feel great!

I got off work early today and was at home at 6 instead of 8. This was great because I had a little share of sun. Even though today involved three minutes of running, I have to say it went really well. Maybe also because in my head I made it 4 times 3 minutes and not "just" two... Halfway through I had that feeling of "Oh, I could add another 3 minutes to the excisting two easy!". Erm... yes... Let's not talk about this again ;)

I made it through the last three minutes and even ran a little further (maybe another 30 seconds into the warm down walk). It felt so good! And I wasn't at all as out of breath as I thought I would be! I'm so happy about that and am actually looking forward to Week 4. I have another two runs in Week 3 left, but I already feel like I can also quite "easily" manage the upcoming 5 minutes. Happyhappyhappy!

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Well done you! Keep it up


That's great! Keep happy!


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