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My best run so far

I went out for my first run as a graduate last night and it was my best run yet.

The first 10-15 minutes were tough but my daughter and I went on a different route so it was more interesting than usual and we actually needed to keep running to get somewhere whereas normally we run up and down a farm track.

I had ditched Laura (sorry Laura, it was nothing personal, just your taste in music) and was listening to 101 Running Songs instead and that definitely kept me motivated and interested - I found the pace was easiest running to Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl!

After a while it just started to get easier and when my daughter told me there was only a minute left I decided to just keep on going to the end of the track.......... then along the road a bit........... then round a cul-de-sac............. then on to the next street............ and then to the end of it until we had run for 36 minutes covering 2.78 miles :-) I was on a high and felt like I could have just kept on running - and I really wish I had!

I'm still feeling that high today and want to go out running again but the negative little devil on my shoulder keeps reminding me that even if the end of the run was good and fun and exhilarating I will still have that tough first half of the run to get through! Why can't it all be good - and easy too???

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It's such a fab feeling isn't's why we keep battling on! :)

Where would the challenge be if it was all good and easy???


Well done you! If it was easy - anyone could do it!


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