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W4 R2......plodding on

Well I never thought I'd be able to 'run' for 5 mins, its going ok but my shins hurt a bit and I think I'm getting slower....but not had to stop so that must be a good thing?????

Had a rush of blood to the head and signed up for the local 5k Race for Life event. I did it last year but walked it all, perhaps this year I can 'run' most of it.........not till June so plenty of time. (repeat after me 'must remain positive'.

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i think it's a good idea to have a goal to work to, not just the c25k goal! I am thinking of entering in a 5k race in July...haven't done yet though, maybe I should just take the plunge like you :)


Er-hem - sounfit, the word is not 'run' ....... it's run!!! I know my son calls me a grammar Nazi, but I am duty bound to point out that what you are doing is proper running and does not require the use of inverted commas!!!

Go for it...... :-)


Ha ha.....I lke the comfort of commas because I'm so slow.....maybe one day!


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