Couch to 5K

And that's week 5 over and done with

The rain held off most of the evening and I whistled through the 20 minute run. Only the last thirty seconds were really hard work, and that's my own fault because when the "two minutes to go" announcement came I decided to just run a little bit faster to the end :-)

I think I am just about getting the shin pain under control, that's the only thing I really suffer from during/after running.

Times - well in the 20 minutes of running I covered 3.61k. That's an average of 5:36 minutes per kilometre which would be enough to cover 5.35k in 30 minutes. I couldn't have kept the pace up for another ten minutes but I am going to aim for that by week 9. That's the goal I am setting myself - to actually run 5k in the 30 minutes.

Swimming tonight. Does anyone else alternate running days with anything else?

Have fun and good luck if today is a running day for you.


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You've done so well especially with shin pain - not nice so I hear. I am looking to do cycling on my non run days but yet to start. Today's run was wet wet wet but done yah. Well done with your achievements, happy swimming and happy running, it's all so worth while as you get through the weeks :)


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