Couch to 5K

Wk 7 Run 1 (Bad Run Turned Good)

This run did not start out well!! couldn't seem to get into a steady pace, my legs felt heavy from the beginning and my running tights kept slipping down (this is not a good thing for me or passers by!!) Had to slow to a fast walk to try and tighten the trousers to no avail!

At this point I felt like stopping and going home. Tried to concentrate on things around me and not pulling up my trousers lol. Then to my surprise Laura announced I was half way, Oh I thought, I can do this just keep going one foot in front of the other.

Im glad I didn't give up and go home, I even managed to go a little faster when lovely Laura said I had 60 sec to go. I went further than the 25 min on week 6 run 3. This run definitley ended on a high. So if your ever having what seems like a bad run don't worry keep going and it might even turn into a pretty good one. :)

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W7R3 was hard for me. Was ready to throw in the towel, but i didn't and W8R1 was great! As you will see all over these posts - you will have good days and bad days, but little by little you are building stamina. Stick with it and i am hoping to see your graduation badge soon.


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