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Week 4 run 1

Wooooo hoooooo! Either that wasn't as bad as I expected or I've forgotten already! Ok so it was definitely harder than week 3 but I'm thinking less and less about stopping halfway through, more like get it over and done with and it'll soon be easier. there's no doubt I was shattered on the last 5 min run and Laura's "that's it" was music to my ears!

I'm using run keeper app to monitor my progress and the graph is looking much better now, the walk bits are fewer than the run bits and I actually feel like I getting somewhere! I'm extremely jealous of my friends on run keeper who's workouts and activities show them as burning hundreds and hundreds if calories each time in comparison to my paltry 200 ish, although today was 240.

In 3 weeks time I'll be on my way to NYC for a few days and it looks like I'm going to have to breathe in to get into those dresses as I'm not getting any thinner yet! I wish I'd have started 2 weeks earlier so I could have finished before I go, I've considered doing week 8 in central park but the likeleyhood of me doing that is realistically nil. The prospect of all that walking with running on top is most definitely a recipe for disaster so it'll more than likely be a week off grrrrr!

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Well done for your hard work so far.

Running in Central Park!!! You've simply got to, what a memory you'll be creating :)


It does seem like an opportunity not to miss, We shall see!


Yay to W4 R1 being easier than expected. I ran it this morning (luckily before the rain set in) and was really chuffed that I completed it.


I'm not sure if the rain doesnt make it a bit easier, although I too went out before the deluge, the best 2 runs I've had have both been in less than clement weather, well done to you too !


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