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W4R1...I'm feeling like a RUNNER!

If the weather hadn't been so awful wet, windy and cold, I would've run outdoors. Instead I did it at the gym on the treadmill. Until now, I've never been a runner, and it was touch and go with that first 5 full minutes of running (slight tingling in my shins at first), but I slowed my pace a bit and hung in the second 5 full minutes of running, my legs felt warmed up and also felt more natural running (no shin issues)...resulting feeling: better than expected! Also, Laura's verbal cues and hints on the podcast help me big time! I so look forward to my run sessions! I'm feeling like a runner! YAY!

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Same here - W4R1 done but my legs feel it now!!!!

Well done and yes we ARE runners!!!!


Great job, once your body starts to realise what you want from it and warms up it makes the run seem better.

Well done for your journey so far.


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