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W8R3 completed- I think I've toughened up !

After my not-C25K outdoor run on Saturday, I felt too worn out to do the planned W8R3 on Sunday and still felt shattered yesterday. I was getting a bit depressed about it, to be honest, and was determined that I would get the run out of the way this morning. However, when I woke up at 5.45am I felt lousy. I wasn't going to not do the run though - I'd hoped I'd feel able to do it outside but that would inevitably involve long hills and the way I was feeling I was pretty sure that would finish me off !

I decided to head for the gym and give it a go on the treadmill. I dosed up on vitamins and ibuprofen and got in the car. Halfway there, I was feeling queasy and worried I was going to be sick. Well, I thought, I did do the Hangover Run after my late night last weekend so there's always the chance I'll start to feel better. I decided to take it slowly and just think about keeping going, not worry about speed.

I started the brisk walk at 6kph, instead of my usual 6.5-6.9. I still didn't feel great but wasn't comfortable with the speed so increased it to the usual. By the time the five minutes was up, I'd decided to run at 8.8kph and see how it went. I found I could blow my nose while running, which made things a bit more comfortable so I decided to try the faster intervals for minutes 9 and 10, 18 and 19 and 27 and 28. I ran 9 and 10 at 10.5kph - that felt ok so I did 18 and 19 at 11kph. I felt a bit weary after that so decided maybe two fast minutes at the end might be a struggle. As it was, I recovered enough to run the last 90 seconds at 10.8kph,so I finished on a bit of a high,then did my five minute walk.

As it turned out, I was slightly slower than on W8R1 when I covered 5.55km in the 38 minutes (inc the 2 x 5mins walking) but quicker than R2 which I really hadn't enjoyed. I'd had to do all that at 8.8, I didn't have it in me to go any quicker that day. Today I covered 5.43km, which included 4.25 in the 28minutes of running. I was pleased with that, under the circumstances. Strangely, now I'd finished running, I was starting to feel unwell again. I did my stretches on the power plate and treated my calves to the massage program as a bonus, as they've been feeling quite tight for the past couple of weeks. Not sure why I'm feeling so under the weather, I didn't really stop feeling queasy all day - although at least the overwhelming weariness of Sunday/Monday seems to have passed. I've been taking a tonic and vitamins, on the assumption I'm just a bit run down.

I feel a lot more optimistic than I did yesterday - I think I may be ready for Week 9 :-)

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Well done for completing it when you felt so badly. Really makes me feel bad that I should be getting out more.

How are you sleeping? Maybe a nice deep relaxing bath and a good nights sleep will perk you up.

I hope your not coming down with anything.

Good luck for W9


I'm sleeping loads better since starting the C25K program and spending more time at the gym. I've learned to not get so stressed about things - the endorphins must help with that too. Feeling better today and wanting to start week 9 - I had to stop myself attempting it this morning and remember it is supposed to be a rest day ! Thanks :-)


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