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Week 2 Done!

I am so pleased with myself! Week 2 done and I feel a little bit fitter already! Only trouble is I am more hungry so I'm not really losing any weight as the jogging cancels out the extra calories I'm eating!!!

Now that I've got the exercise down - need to concentrate on controlling my appetite!

My slightly overweight dog is looking fab though - at least someone is!

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Well done.Don't worry about the weight loss - I think most people have found it takes a few weeks. Also bear in mind that muscle weighs more than fat - you may notice that you start looking more toned before you start noticing weight loss.


As long as you are eating healthy then truly don't worry about the weight, as you may well find that your body will change much beyond the scales.

Well done on completing W2 :)


I know exactly what you mean! I just started W3, I am so hungry a couple of hours after I've run...I'll master the running first, then work on the appetite! ;)


That's exactly what I'm thinking! I can't be doing with dieting at the same time as I'm trying to get into a new exercise regime so I think I'll master the jogging and then the dieting will follow!


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