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Dreaming of running - never thought I would see the day!

I have been feeling really sorry for myself so decided today to stop moping around, go to the gym and see exactly what I can do with the dodgy knees.

I have been nordic walking but its not the same, especially in the rain.

The answer was bike and cross trainer. No running (obviously) or rower (my favourite piece of kit).

Just back from 15 mins on the bike and 20 mins on the cross trainer burning a total of over 300 calories and I feel so much better.

On the cross trainer I whacked my running music up, shut my eyes and pretended that I was on my favourite run along the coast, the sun was shining on the water, the yachts were out and the occasional fit young man said hello as he ran the other way. When I opened my eyes there were people around me who hadn't be there when I started my 'run'. They must have thought I was mad and I think I probably am :)

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Sounds like a good sort of mad to me! Hope you are back in running form soon!


I'm grinning at the thought of you opening your eyes to a whole new bunch of people but I'm seriously impressed at you managing 20 minutes on the cross trainer - I'm just up to 8 and I find it really hard!


Absolute respect for getting out there and doing what you did, I find it hard going on a cross trainer.

BTW it's brilliant being mad, such a good excuse for anything and everything, well that's my excuse. ;)


Agree. Nutty mad is good, scary mad not so good :)

My husband just shakes his head now - I think he has given up and accepted the madness....


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