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Will I be running in the dry tonight?

I'm certainly tired of getting soaked and of arriving home with muddy trainers and a dog that needs a bath.

Anyway, Wk5 R3 tonight. 20 minutes sounds like a long continuous run but I'm noticing that I am not really tired at the end of each period of running recently so I've got my fingers crossed I'll manage this. I'm going to try capturing the distance of the run to give me an idea whether I am pacing right for 5k in 30 minutes - up to now I've tracked the entire session rather than just the running sections.

Good luck to everyone else running tonight.

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I'm hoping to do week 5 run 3 tonight too. Like you I sort of feel ready for it but i'm still very nervous.

Good luck!


All the best to you both and let us know how you get on :-)


I survived...just. Toughest run in a long time but think that's to be expected. A nice runner waved at me twice though, made me feel like a real runner.

Hope Duncan got on as well :-)


Im doing run 3 on Sat, good luck and Ill look forward to reading about how you both did xx


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