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Returning after a break - how should I get back into it?

I've been away for some time from the plan. I hurt my ankle a month ago, took two and a half weeks off, then returned with new runners for two runs (20 mins and 25 mins). Then I went away for a week and a half... so I'm back and feeling the fear about getting back into it. Where should I start again? I was wondering about doing week 6 again, then building up again to week 9? I had reached W8R2 before the break. I think that the difference between 7/8/9 is not so large so I could always do W6, then go on to W8 again if I am feeling up to it? Does this sound sensible to get back into it with one of the interval weeks, rather than with a long run? I have a 5k race on May 20th, which is helping me focus but is also the goal I need to get to by then!

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I would do the 20 minute week 5 run 3 and then week 6 and then see how you feel as to whether to skip week 7 or not. You don't want to risk hurting yourself and then not being abe to do the 5k race at all.


Thanks for your help! I actually got this after I headed out on Wk6R1, but I think being able to stop every so often helped! I will do as you advise and not skip W7, although I might do W6R3 four times instead as I really hated W7 the first time around! Will make it sometime :-)


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