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Never miss out on a proper cool down

Sunday, I had a successful but hard run for W7R2. Went a bit further than the run before, but boy was i glad when it finished. As i ran to an area I didnt know, (picking car up from a night out the day before), i sort of did a walking warm down of possibly a minute and a couple of stretches. Then hopped in the car as i didnt have a drink with me to get to my mums. When i got to hers and got out of the car my calves were as hard as stones.

Today I have skipped my first planned run, my legs are still quite tender and just feel that i may end up doing some damage if i run whilst they are still so tired. I did walk for about 7 miles yesterday (something i always do on a monday so it wasnt too taxing), actually when i finished my legs felt good so i think the stretching helped.

So my advice would be never miss out on that warm down, i feel i have let myself down not running today. Hoping to manage tomorrow, though this throws my training plan out the window as my 3 days running are now set in stone. Will possibly wait until Thurs so i can keep my running days the same.

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Yes, it's a good idea to run on Thursday and have just one more days rest.

I have once missed out on a full cool down and stretch and could hardly walk when I got out of the car when I got home! I've never made the same mistake again!

Good advice :)


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