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Hurray for My Immune System!

Last week ought to have been "Week 2" after the successful completion of week 1. But I got knocked down by some nasty "flu-like" bug that left me in bed, unable to digest food for several days. I missed two runs, and was getting really frustrated. Thanks to everyone who commented when I was sick; it really cheered me up.

On Thursday, after missing my second run, I went out in my runners for a walk. It was slow and feeble, but it felt good to be outside and moving again, anyways.

And then on Friday, I decided to give the running a try again, doing week 1, run 4. While I was glad to be able to run even a little bit, I was appalled by how HARD it was. I forgot my inhaler, and was wheezing and gasping, and yes, spitting. I figured that after all the rest, AND staying on Week 1, it should have been a piece of cake.

But the cake is a lie.

At least I overcame the inertia of being sick and got back out there. I am afraid about progressing to the next week now, but I guess I don't have much to lose. If I can't run the whole time I am supposed to, so what? It is worth trying. And I also got to enjoy my very first "good weather run", where it was not snowing, or raining, or pitch black out. I enjoyed the breeze and the sun, and being able to run without a sweatshirt!

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I'm impressed by your determination, keep trying, you are doing brilliantly !


Thank you. Whether it is determination or stubbornness, I plan to go the distance. And I appreciate all the support I am getting.


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