Couch to 5K

Got my mojo back!

After 3 weeks without any running, 1 because I was ill and 2 because of school holidays, I went back last week. Omg it was a nightmare. I've stopped running by time and switched to distance, I signed up for the Race for life in June so I need to be able to do 5km by then. I knew it was going to be difficult but I was only managing 2.5km! This morning I set the treadmill for 3km and off I went. I had one of those perfect starts when you just know its going to be ok and when the treadmill went to cool down walk I thought I could do more so with a quick stop (to wipe my face before I drowned) off I went again and did another 1km. 4km done, so I know its not the full 5km and I did walk in the middle but my running distance was 4km.and I'm very pleased, bring on Wednesday. :-)

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That's brilliant after 3 weeks off!

Have you finished the program?

Well done and keep going!


I was about to start week 8 when I signed up for the 5km and I knew I couldn't do it in 30 minutes. So instead of doing 28 minutes and then 30 the week after I just swapped to distance training. I thought that I just needed to prove to myself that I could do 5km and then work on my speed - I'm very slow. But then all those weeks ago I didn't think I'd manage week 1 but as my marathon running friend says...small acorns!


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