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My continuing quest

Well I am on holiday in Canada I trying to carry on the programme. At home

I had just started week 3 and had just about coped with 3 mins.

Of course here I need to run outside and not on my treadmill I am finding it so hard not sure if it's the altitude difference live more or less at sea level normally. Or is it the outside eliment today I did the week one run and struggled but did do it.

I will continue but feel as if I am going backwards.

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it's ok, you are just experiencing the difference of running outdoors instead of on a treadmill, outside has different challenges :) you are only going backwards if you are running that way which would over complicate things... :)


Don't be discouraged, remember any run is more than what you could do previous to starting the program. I think the key words here are 'i struggled but did do it'. What determination you have... I think you deserve a pat on the back for continuing while on holidays!


Going backwards??? Still carrying on the program while you are on holiday in Canada? I can't believe it - you get this weeks prize for the most motivated runner, enjoy your holiday, enjoy your runs and come back refreshed and relaxed ready to carry on the program.


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