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"Test run" to get back

Three weeks ago I somehow hurt my knees and was too scared to run for that time.

Today - on the day of the London marathon, how appropriate - I decided to kick myself out of the door. I had a minute of "noooo", but really only a minute. As it happened often enough, as soon as I had my running gear on, I was good.

Even if I already made it to Week 3, I decided to get back slowly by doing Week 2 at least once again. And it went really well. So happy!

On the run back my mind was taken off running as it started to rain and I was scared my iPhone (on a strap under my jacket) would get wet. But it seems to be fine. First run in the rain and it was fun (minus the phone-worries).

Looing forward to re-starting Week 3 on Tuesday now.

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Congratulations on getting back on track :-)


Glad your knees are OK now & you are back out there :)


Well done SuZi ....glad you're back on track :)


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