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Inspired by the London Marathon

I was going to start my blog with a winge about how I'm finding week 6 a real nightmare. But instead I'll start by saying I was inspired by watching the London Marathon on television this morning.

Recently, I've suffered with a slight knee injury and a case of the shin splints but undeterred, I put on my knee support and went for two laps around my local park. Keeping it at a snail pace and just enjoying sometime outside in the sun.

I'm going to give week 6 another go next week to see if I can banish it into oblivion :) #running #weightloss #londonmarathon

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The marathon runners are inspirational aren't they. To run a marathon in 2 hrs when I can barely run 5k in 35 minutes is just amazing.....but everyone has to start somewhere.

A friend of mine has run it today, she had breast cancer and was running for cancer research! Some people just give and give....


Hiya Louby43 - You're right some people just keep giving and your friend is truly amazing for being a surviour and running the marathon. :)


Well done for keeping going with the programme despite the injuries. Its really motivational to hear stories like yours - helps to keep me going. Good luck with week6 & hope the dreaded shin splints are banished to oblivion.


Thanks Jennie - Glad to hear that my story motivates others. It's a long slog so we need to keep each other spirits up. :)


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