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Half Marathon coming up!


Hi everybody,

I started running with the C25K last September and am about to do my first half marathon.


I am running for freshstartforhens.co.uk so if you're feeling generous lol...

Ten mile training run coming up this afternoon - I will drag my exhausted self to the netbook to let you know if I'm still alive.


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Wow that's brilliant Carole I'm so impressed! Good luck for this afternoon's run! :)


Fan bleedin tastic Carol, are you are first 'halfer' ?

Best of luck, I am sure we will all be rooting for you.

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Hi Greg,

Not sure if I'm the first halfer but thank you for the good wishes. Got to the end of my ten miles today and thought "OMG if this was two weeks time, I'd still have another 3 plus miles to go and I'm dead now!!"

Good luck for your training Carol! Let us know how your 10 miler goes.


wow carole :) thats brilliant. Im sure you will sail through.

good luck today with your 10miles. take care on that ankle!!

shelley x


Hi guys,

I made it back through wind, heavy showers, hot sun lol...all the way from Saltash to Plymouth city centre and back...stats here:


I had no problems with the ankle Shelley, surprisingly I had a problem I've never suffered from before, blisters!! One nice burst large one on the ball of each foot and a beautiful huge blood blister in the end of my 2nd toe right foot, which I'm going to have to attack with a sterile needle when I have the energy. Meanwhile I'm wearing some nice fluffy socks!!

Not sure what's caused that, I have a three pack of running socks which I alternate and they are getting a bit old and thin now, so possibly that. I may have to consult with my running shop guy, but I really could do without having to spend lots of cash on new shoes at this point.

Now, I had a strategy for today which was to run it all as ten minute intervals with one minute walks inbetween. My last 10 miler, when I hurt myself, came in at 1.41 and a few seconds. Doing it the interval way only added 1 and a half mins to this and that was with at least ten minutes of walking during the run, so obviously the walking helps you to run faster in the run bits. Go figure!

Anyway, so glad that's over; I have a gym session tomorrow but will studiously ignore the treadmill for my poor legs and save a recovery run for Tuesday after my chiropractor session!

Thanks for the good wishes everyone!


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oooh blisters on the bottom of your foot. ouch!!! dont pop them if you dont have to.

got them last year after walking too quickly in sandals & they took a few days to disappear so I know how you are feeling.

those "happy feet" jelly insole things by scholl? are quite good. as is the leather type stuff you can buy to cut to shoe size.

hope they heel quickly.

& great to hear you managed the 10miles on that ankle of yours :)

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