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Run or rest?

Did w3r1 yesterday. i've had a couple of niggling pains in my knees so wore tubigrips. Felt great afterwards, then a few hours later got pain in my knees which I still have but not so bad, but today I started getting pain in one thigh and what i think is shin splints in both legs. I'm going to cancel tomorrow's run, but was thinking of doing it on tuesday if pain has gone. I'm doing the recommended stuff - RICE & i've had a gait analysis & got new trainers before I started the programme.

I was thinking of dropping back to W2 if necessary. I feel so despondent as I really enjoyed saturday's run. I used to run about 20 years ago & ended up really hurting my knee which took weeks to recover so dont want to do that again, so just not sure what to do. Should I rest for longer or run gently?

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As you are doing so well am sure you can continue on your running journey after RICE/RNR. For a few days how about walking fast for say 30 mins which then will strengthen you and show up any possibilities/pains without you completely hurting yourself and then your reward if all going well a run maybe. Sure you will get more scientific/better advice but wanted to encourage you not to give up on becoming healthy and a runner.


Thanks teamgreen. That sounds really sensible. My legs & knees are not so sore today. I walked to a meeting this morning - 45 minutes, not quite as fast a pace as I'd do normally, then back again at a gentler pace. I then did some gentle stretches which I havent been doing but will start to do now. My legs are not complaining too much and I'll try running tomorrow if pain virtually gone otherwise I'll do the fast walking as you suggest. I like the idea of substituting a fast walk for the 'planned run' so it keeps me exercising.

I think I'll also repeat w3 anyway no matter when I do it, just to build up my leg & knee muscles. thanks for your support.


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