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Back on Track - Thanks to You

After my disappointment on Thursday when I was unable to complete W5R2, I sought solace in this community and your support was amazing!

Today I woke up with sunshine streaming through the window and felt better in myself so I thought I'd try again from W5R1. I felt lacking in confidence so, for the first time, I asked my husband if he would come along too (I thought he could cheer me up if things went pair-shaped again). I assured him that I jogged so slowly that he would be able to walk briskly alongside me so he agreed. I still have the remnants of a cold so I armed myself with lots of tissues and off we went.

When the first run came I saw Ian was having to run too and that felt really great (perhaps I'm not quite as slow as I think). We chatted during the 3 min walk and set off again for the second run. He was behind me then and called out that he thought my bum was looking thinner these days! I wasn't sure how to take that but I didn't have the breath to comment so I carried on. The next walk passed in silence and the last 5 min run came too quickly. I had to concentrate really hard to keep my breathing under control but I knew I could complete the run and I did! It didn't take me too long to recover and we were chatting again before we reached home.

I asked Ian how he had found it (he's not a runner but he's always at the gym and so is fairly fit). He said he didn't enjoy it but he didn't hate it either. It was nice to have some company but I don't think he will join me again. No matter, now my mojo is back I am fired up to continue my journey and will be running W5R2 on Tuesday!

Thank you everyone who sent messages of encouragement, it was much appreciated. Next time I have a bad run (and there will be a next time) I think I will handle it better knowing you are all here to help.

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well done


yay. well done you x


Excellent stuff madam!! All part of the service :-)


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