Couch to 5K

W7 R1

Just completed run 1 week 7 and definitely feeling much fitter than even 2 weeks ago. Same as last week though, my lungs are writing cheques my legs can't cash. I honestly feel I could run faster and further but after about 1k my lower legs, and particularly ankles, start to hurt and feel really heavy. Maybe I should be doing some strength training to bulid them up as quickly as my cardio? Despite this though I managed to run an uphill mile in 11:02 and the downhill in 11:30, beating my PB by 28 seconds. Overall I covered 3.77 km in 26 minutes, which is something I couldn't comprehend 4 weeks ago. The course does work guys, and I am now starting to feel like a legitimate runner. The only question in my mind at the moment is what will come first on the last run, 30 mins or 5k?

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I definately can relate to your comment about your lungs writing cheques that your legs can't cash! Well put!!


Can you tell I'm a pilot lol, with the Top Gun reference?


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