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W6R3 - beautiful morning, great run

W6R3 - beautiful morning, great run

Is there a better way to start the day?

6am and I'm getting read to go and do R3 of W6, the 25 minutes straight run.

I was looking forward to it after the 20 minutes of W5R3.

Memory stick on my phone was playing up though so only got the first bit of the podcast, the rest I was running deaf as such. But it wasnt too scary (had lovely thoughts of a nice new Garmin 101 on my wrist...its all you other bloggers fault.

Ran into the next village, said a cheery hi to a couple running (I love that!)

Checked the church clock on my way by and new I was doing ok.

Total run was 28minutes, covered 2.3miles (so keeping around 12 min mile pace)

Had a fab run that really started my day well.

Oh and on a bad note had my first doggy-doo incident, not nice at all.

Onto week 7.......wooo-hooo!!!

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woo hoo!! Indeed :)

as for incident I gave a sympathetic shudder - why oh why do folks choose to leave it behind!! vast majority of dogs are on the end of a lead attached to an owner who politely looks somewhere else whist it's done - understanding the reason to leave behind escapes me


Guess the only good thing is I'm no longer looking at my feet as I run lol


ooh pretty church! nasty dog poo boooo!


Sounds a lovely run (apart from the doggy stuff!) - here's to week 7 :)


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