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Shoes, glorious Shoes!

Hi Folks. I graduated about a month ago and have kept up with my 30 mins runs trying to increase my speed. I have been lucky so far as I have managed to avoid injury, but Im now getting pains in my right foot and knee. My beloved has suggested it could be my ancient trainers that need replacing, but I have no idea where to start in buying decent (but not hugely expensive) trainers - has anyone got any tips they can share?.

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Hi Jodey, I got mine from Runners Need - not sure where else they have branches but the branch I went to was near Oxford Circus in Central London. Most cities should have a specialist running shop though - if you google 'gait analysis running shoes' and the name of your location you should find some. I have to warn you that mine were £94 though..... but they are so comfy and light and give exactly the right support for my over-pronating style (they video'd me running on the treadmill in various shoes and showed me how my foot rolls in). Expensive, but I think if you invest in nothing else, you should get the footwear right!


The Sweatshop are good as well if you have one near by. They do the whole gait analysis thing as well with no obligation to buy.

Mine usually come in about 80 quid and I replace them every six months or so when (cleanliness allowing :-( ) they sometimes become casual/garden wear.

It is a bit more than I would hope to pay but I figure that I am getting them from somewhere that cares and spends some time working with you to find the right ones and you could easily spend that on a squash raquet, replica of the Flying Scotsman or a ticket to a premiership football match if my interests were different!


Running shoes are quite expensive - my last ones cost about £70 - you can though cheat a little and find what will suit you from a specialist and then buy the same shoe on the web - often the savings can be quite substantial. I have Mizumos and love them


Ace, thanks all for the useful advice. xx


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