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Week 2 done!

Woo hoo. Stuck to it so far. Know there's a long way yet, but quietly pleased with myself. Plus slight pressure as my slimming group are entering Race for Life as a group. The others are walking it, but I have said I will train to run it so best no let everyone down!

Shall I scare myself and listen to the week 3 podcast before Friday? Or just let it all be a pleasant surprise?!

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I always listened to the podcast the day before I started the next week as I like to know exactly what I'm dealing with and what to expect! ;)

Good luck with the rest of the plan!


I am the other way Minuette - I do not like to know what I am going to let myself in for as I worry that I will chicken out. Good luck Miss V!

Maud x


I'm with Maud, don't listen :) Minuette has nerves of steal :)

Enjoy (? Lol) the shock, surprise and awe of what you have got yourself into once your trainers are firmly laced in place :)


I just listened and I'm not too scared....yet. I'll let you know on Friday once I've done the first run!


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