Couch to 5K

Yay....I did it 20mins

Well I was dreading this morning knowing that the biggest run so far was o nthe cards and agreed with Laura it is more of a mental challenge that a physical one. My legs were quite happy but my brains were saying I couldn't go on and with Laura keeping quiet I felt quite panicky at times about hom much longer i'd got to go. But did do it! After feeling that I had been running for ages I had only reached the 5 minute market but after that it did get better and when Laura told me 2 mins to go I was feeling really good and felt I could ahve done more but did stop when she told me. Haven't looked ahead to next run yet so wil lsee how it goes!

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Well done :-) So pleased to read this - I'm busy procrastinating.... I've got to do this run this afternoon and I'm so scared! I've just had a late lunch so know I can't run for another hour or so - eek! Delighted for you that you've made it through :-)


Well done, just one week ahead of you, there is no going back only forward now!

Its the best feeling ever to be able to run in one complete session.


Well done!


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