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Evening or morning runs, which is best?

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Hi, I have just started c25k and done my first session in the morning after breakfast. All went well and I felt great. Unfortunately due to having 2 small people I am limited as to when I can go. The morning was ok on Monday as hubby was at home (easter weekend). Unless I get up at 6am and go, I have to move my sessions to the evening when hubby is at home. I am worried that I will feel tired in the evening, but don't think I can physically get up that early in the morning!!

I am going to try an evening run tomorrow and see how I feel. Is there anyone out there who does both, if so how does it affect your performance?

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I always exercise in the morning, before breakfast. My children are grown up now so I don't have the same restraints on my time in the same way as you do, however when they were smaller I used to get up at 6am and go to the gym for 6.30, my husband would get them up and ready and I'd come back and take over.

I can't comment on evening runs as they're not for me, but you may find it works better for you - either way, good luck with the programme! :)

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emzylouGraduate in reply to Minuette

Thanks. I like the idea of getting up early but I'm not a morning person at the best of times! Hubby is out the door around 7am so I would need to be back by then.

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Morning is best for me - have tried both and I much prefer getting up early and running before I eat

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During the week I do evenings straight after work and it works well for me - I have to get up before 6am as it is, so I couldn't cope with any earlier, especially now I'm onto the longer runs. I find I'm more likely to get stuff done in the evening after I've run, but I wouldn't go too late as I understand it can get you too hyped up to sleep :-) . At the weekend I either have a light breakfast and go mid-morning, or do the afternoon. That was nice in the winter when all my evening runs were in the dark.....

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Much prefer mornings but with 3 or 5 kids its not always easy. Wanted to go this am but was up 4 times last night with our baby so no chance was I going anywhere at 6am!

Totally a personal preference though, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.

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I hate running in the morning it nearly kills me every time. I find that I run much better on a late afternoon or early evening. I'm not really a morning person, I really don't switch on properly until after lunchtime and guess that applies to running as well :)

I am so not a morning person, infact when friends see me too soon after I have woken up they tend to laugh at me. Running when I leave work is the best for me. There are some lovely places on the way home from work and it gives me a chance to unwind from the stresses of work.

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I do both - I love running in th emorning - sense of acheivement before the day starts... BUT equally I go faster and feel more together of an evening... think both work - as long as you can get motivated!

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Thanks for your feedback everyone, I guess it is down to personal preference and when time allows. I am off at 7pm on w1d2 so I can compare the morning to the evening. Fingers crossed!

i also have 2 kiddies to get to school. It's been ok over easter as i can get back a little later from a run but i will have to get up earlier to do it when school starts. I' lucky that my hubby works evenings and weekends so he's still in bed when i get up to run! I couldnt do it in the evenings. i just want to collapse on the sofa with bread and butter!

Morning or evening is a personal thing, in my opinion. I work full-time in London, have a 2 yr old son and my husband works shifts so fitting in the training is somewhat challenging. I did a morning run over the Easter break and thought I would be full of energy, but I wasn't. Maybe my body is so used to doing everything in the evening.

Have been running at 6pm while hubby on early shift but he will be on lates in the weeks prior to my RFL so I have no option but to get up at 4.45am and try to run before leaving for work and drop off at nursery by 7am.

I'm only on W3R2 and today's heavy rainfall could scupper my training as I don't have a waterproof jacket!

Anyway, we should be very proud of ourselves whatever we do. It's so easy to put pressure on ourselves by wanting to run the full distance but on the day I'm sure the atmosphere will carry us along.

Good luck ladies :o)

to be honest evening running is best cos your body will be ready for exercise. morning runs are ok but are harder cos the body is not fully awake. i would say though that for losing weight morning runs are better cos you will eat a good breakfast afterwards and this will keep you going for most of the day and you will not eat such a big meal in anevening like you would tend to do after your evening run which may give you indigestion during the night!!

I find my body isn't ready for a run until afternoon/evening.

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