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Week 5 Run 3 - YEAH!!

I was freaking out at the thought of running those 20 minutes, but happy to say that I accomplished that this morning! I have to tell you that it IS possible if you just don't let your head talk you out of it. In fact, when the time was up, I felt as though I could have continued running more. I was a novice just 5 weeks ago and could not have imagined this back then. I am coming to realize that it has been my head that has prevented me from so many things - "can't get fit, can't run a 5k, can't lose weight". This program proves that in the right frame of mind, you can do it. Just don't talk yourself out of being the best you can be. Looking forward to week 6!

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Hiya - Congratualtions on getting this far. Keep us informed on how you get on with week 6.


Great job!

Positive accounts of what is usually everyone's first unnerving run are always good to read.

Good luck for the next weeks ahead.


Well done to you! It's a great feeling knowing you 'can do it'. Roll on week 6. I feel so similar to you and I felt like I could have carried on at the end. Look forward to reading your next blog.


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