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Best ankle support to buy....... Any Recommendations?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good ankle support to wear whilst running that's not too bulky to wear in trainers but still gives good support.

Having a few problems with my left ankle when I start running that's pretty uncomfortable. It goes away after about 15 minutes of running.

Just had gait analysis done and I over-pronate when I run which I think may have been the root cause. Have now fitted orthotic inserts into trainers to correct it but ankle is still painful to run on initially. Wonder if I might have slightly sprained it or something?

Don't really want to stop running unless I have to as I'm scared I'll stop altogether!

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Not sure what type of strapping to get, but have your tried to rest it, and take some anti inflammatory such as brufen. This happened to me, but once I took 2 days off it seemed to resolve itself.


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