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W5R2 completed

The thought of this run was filling me with dread. So when hubby woke me with his stirring this morning, I asked him if I had time to run before he left for work. If not I have to take my 9 year old along on his bike later in the day.

I also knew it would continually be on my mind until I did it.

So off I went and it wasn't so bad, bit worried when I saw the guy let his Rottweiler off the lead of the field in front of me, even more worried when the owner spotted me and quickly rushed to get his dog back on the lead before he saw me.

Think I would have preferred Laura to have spoken to me more, after the final 2 minute warning I thought there would have been another count down at a minute or 30 seconds as I thought I may try to speed up for that last little bit, but no, it just finished. Though I did run another 20 seconds or so to get back to my drive. Big smile when I finished and can now enjoy the rest of the day.

I know it's always said on here but if you take it steady this really is an achievable run if you have followed the plan

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Whoops should have said W5R3.


Excellent job!!!

You've done what alot of people think is the hardest run session of the programme.

Its brilliant the feeling you get from a morning run, really sets you up for the day doesnt it :)

Good luck into w6, you'll be great :)


Great to hear that, I'n due to do that one tomorrow and it is the run ?I have been fearing the most through the whole programme. heres to a positive run tomorrow!


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